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Large Mixed Selection


The ultimate gift that will be the talking point of any event or dinner party. The perfect present for a cocktail lover or to treat yourself on an indulgent night in.

This selection includes our full range of Edible Cocktails. Made with high quality spirits, bitters and real fruits. They are all topped with tantalising garnishes.

Flavours include:

  • Gin & Tonic
    A violet infused gin pastille, coated with a tart lemon sherbet infused sugar
  • Elderflower Spritz
    A gin and elderflower pastille, coated with a thyme infused sugar
  • Whisky Sour
    A grapefruit infused whisky pastille, coated with a tart grapefruit pith infused sugar
  • Godson
    A Whisky and amaretto pastille coated with a tart sugar
  • Berry Daiquiri
    A dark rum and mixed summer berry pastille coated with a pink & black peppercorn infused sugar
  • Spiced Rum
    A spiced, dark rum pastille, coated with a clove infused sugar