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Whisky Selection


We believe we should all make time for play.

Our Whisky Edible Cocktails are mixed to compliment the subtle notes of the blend. This range can provide a introduction to the subtleties of blended scotch whisky, enhanced with citrus and nutty flavours. Each Cocktail holds a kick at 5.4% ABV per pastille.

We recommend two bites.

With a unique consistency the pastilles are to be chewed, allowing the flavour to mellow on your tastebuds.

Our delectable Pastilles, made from premium spirits, should be lightly chewed and allowed to dissolve in your mouth.

We recommend two bites.

Our Whisky Selection includes:

  • Whisky Sour
    A grapefruit infused whisky pastille, coated with a tart grapefruit pith infused sugar
  • Godson
    A Whisky and amaretto pastille coated with a tart sugar